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Kenwood Cookbook – Coconut Macaroons

1 April 2022|Bakes, Biscuits, Coconut, Kenwood|

This bake is a well loved goodie in our family, it can be found in many cookbooks and the vintage recipes are definitely the best. Going back to my Kenwood Recipe Book c1960 I will be baking something both my grandmothers made time and time again. Todays recipe is Coconut [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventures – Breads

23 March 2022|Bakes, Breads, History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook, Vintage Kitchen|

Welcome back to my lovely readers, I thought I might go in a different direction this week, from my usual sweet bakes. I don’t think you could find many out there that don’t love one of these delicious beauties heated with butter and lashings of golden syrup. Yes today I’m [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Preserves – Part 1

6 March 2022|History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook, Preserves, Relish, Vintage Kitchen|

Summer Preserving While away on our much needed summer holiday early this year we discovered an amazing little secondhand bookshop in Whitianga, where I stumbled upon an updated copy of Mrs Beeton’s Preserves. I was excited to get this home and try something out and it just happened to be [...]

School Lunches

2 February 2022|Advice, Bakes, Baking with kids, Biscuits, Edmonds Cookbook, School Lunches|

Where on earth did the summer holidays go? I hear you wondering. School is back and if you are anything like me, you will start off school lunches with a hiss and a roar, preparing and presenting your kiddoes with a perfect healthy lunch each day.  Then all the activities [...]

Baking with Kids – Valentines Cookies

1 February 2022|Bakes, Baking with kids, Biscuits, Kenwood, Valentines Day, Vintage Kitchen|

Here’s something for you romantics out there, a quick and easy piped shortcake biscuit for Valentines Day. I chose this one as I had my two helpers joining in today and it was a simple little recipe with only…..3 ingredients!  How does that work I hear you ask? Easy as [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure Dessert Biscuits

9 November 2021|Bakes, Biscuits, Makes, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook, Vintage Kitchen, Xmas|

These dessert biscuits are fantastic for Holiday treats in the lead up to Christmas!   Halloween is over and I am definitely one of those Christmas fanatics - so bear with me here. My latest bake is a lovely soft biscuit with a outside crunch and as Mrs Beeton says [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Strawberry Drops

6 October 2021|Bakes, History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

After a break from our regularly scheduled programme, I am back again with another adventure into the great Mrs Beeton’s cookbook. 😄 As a celebration for retaining our sanity through a very loooooooooong lockdown, I thought it was time for a special treat! I think we all deserve one, so [...]

Classic Kiwi Baking – Eclairs

18 September 2021|Bakes, Edmonds Cookbook, History|

Hey there, It’s another week in Level 4 for us Aucklanders so it was time to do something a bit different and break out into the good old classic kiwi bake. What better place to do that than with a classic kiwi cookbook - The Edmonds cookbook. 😁. Hopefully, most [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Roly-Poly Jam Pudding

27 August 2021|Bakes, Cakes, History, Makes, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

Welcome back to my next instalment of Mrs Beeton’s adventures, and here in NZ right now I thought everyone could do with a comfort food bake. ❤. Lets be swept away, come join me on my next adventure into the vintage baking world….. Many of you may have made or [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Succotash

29 July 2021|History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

Welcome back all you lovely readers, today I feel like a bit of a change so we are heading into the ‘Vegetarianism’ section of Mrs Beeton’s cookbook. If you are an avid meat eater don’t be put off today by the topic, a good steak always looks great with a [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Common Cake

26 June 2021|Cakes, History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

It was an easy decision to go with another bake again this time, as I loved the last recipe. So turning to the “Breads, Buns, Cakes” section I scanned through and found one that caught my eye…Common Cake 😃 Although this combination of spices does not make a ‘common cake‘ [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Folkestone Pudding Pies

31 May 2021|Bakes, Cakes, History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

I hope everyone is ready for an afternoon tea treat with this recipe, as my next adventure was in the ‘Pastry and Puddings’ section of my Mrs Beeton’s cookbook. As you will know I love to bake, so this one was pretty exciting for me. I searched for a recipe [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Stewed Ox Tail

3 May 2021|Bakes, History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

So many recipes to choose from! Where do I go for my next Mrs Beeton’s adventure? I chose to not overthink things and go with a main which would naturally follow a starter in a meal, and as I already had the oxtail in the freezer from our local butcher, [...]

Mrs Beeton’s Adventure – Ox Cheek Soup

31 March 2021|History, Mrs Beeton's Cookbook|

Where to start? This has been a thoroughly researched question this week as I pored through the pages of my much loved cookery book. I figured if I was starting off on my adventure then I really had to begin with tackling a starter, but which one?? What I really [...]

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