The Great Mrs Beetons Adventure

Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE lists and coming up with new projects that I can sink my teeth into, so I thought why not combine these two with my love of baking and cooking! (Something that may come up to bite me in the butt a little later on but why not follow our passions).

I have a few lovely old books and this treasured one below is one of my favourites.

…so why not go through and try to recreate the recipes in it in my own kitchen.

Now given that this book has the grand old publishing date inside its pages of 1906 this may not be as straightforward as simply following a recipe and should throw up a few ‘translation problems’ as well as difficulty trying to source the same ingredients that were used 115 years ago. Despite all that I’m up for the challenge!

So if you are a fan of vintage cookery books, the great Mrs Beeton, or just need some light relief reading about someone else’s kitchen (mis)adventures, come along with me on my journey through a wonderful well known old book. You might find inspiration along the way!